Viva Bouncy castles is the leading producer of outdoor advertising products. Our Air Dancers, totems, arches etc. offer a unique opportunity to advertise your business for as far as the eye can see. Consumers are becoming increasingly calloused to television or print advertising, but outdoor air dancers have been proven to appeal to the consumer’s eye and attract positive attention. We offer a wide variety of air dancer products that are specific to your business and are sure to bring new visitors to your event!

We have spent years creating a company that specializes in air dancer production to bring you as much business as possible. Our products are made from a quality blend of material that can withstand harsh weather conditions without a problem. In addition to being high quality, our air dancers are shipped the day you place an order, and are sold at incredible prices. This is a low cost way to advertise a big sale or grand opening and alert the surrounding community immediately. Air dancers are easy to see from miles around and will instantly draw attention to your business. Don’t waste more time and money on advertising techniques that won’t work, order your air dancer today!